Terms of Sale

What can I use the images I have purchased for?


Big brother is watching you!

You may use my images for any non-commercial purpose that does not involve freely distributing the files.

I also give you specific permission to use the images:

  • to make prints for personal use
  • to display on your personal computer
  • to publish on your personal website or social media

You may also share them with other crew members without violating copyright.
You might like to make it a joint decision to buy the digital images and split the cost.


What can I not use the images for?

Without first obtaining permission from the author, you may not:

  • re-sell the images
  • use the image for advertising
  • publish the image (except as noted above)
  • submit the images to newspapers, periodicals, publishers or stock photo agencies

If you are in doubt, or would like a quote for commercial and/or editorial use, please send me an email to info@jrtphoto.com describing what you would need.


WHAT YOU GET AND HOW YOU GET IT What happens when you purchase an image either as a digital file or a print

In the photo detail page you can view the list of the various formats available, and by clicking the INFO button you can see their technical descriptions, and how they will be delivered to you, while the following are common to all my images:

All files and prints are optimized before delivery. This means that I remove any defects (usually sensor dust), straighten the horizon, and color-calibrate each image individually. I do not do any heavy zooming, create any strange effects, or otherwise.

If you do need any photo retouching beyond the above, or if you are interested in any special formats - larger, smaller, or just a specific size that's not listed above, please send send an email to info@jrtphoto.com and I will send you a quote.

After twenty years of selling images I know that despite all my precautions, sometimes things can go wrong (you, me, the post office!), so please contact me for any problems you may be having.
Refunds are sent through the PayPal system. (feedback button)



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